#1 Visiting Museum of the Second World War with an Audioguide

Feel like completing you historical knowledge? If yes, we invite you to visit a Museum of the II World War. It boasts one of the biggest war dedicated displays in the world and all 20m underground! You will get a ticket and an audio guide set which will allow you to discover every corner of the venue.

#2 River Cruise 

How about a cruise on a unique, wooden passenger vessel from 1975? You’ll get the chance to discover Gdansk from a brand new perspective. Don’t worry about weather too. The ship is ready for any conditions. A small, delicious treat on board included! 

#3 Gdansk Beer Trail in Wrzeszcz

During that trip we will take you to a historical district of Wrzeszcz where we’ll visit 3 breweries, including the legendary “Browar of Gdansk”. Brewing master will share some amazing facts and answer you questions. All while tasing exquisite drinks. Beer gadgets also provided 😊 

#4 Guided walking tour

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to stories about Gdansk and see its most famous sites, we invite you to join a 2 hours long walk. Our professional guide will share some fascinating stories and Gdansk’s legends with you.